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dimmer relay question

allrighty, i'm 90% done getting the stock relays back in... previous owner had yanked them when they redid the wiring, forgot to include them when i bought the car...

anyways, the one wire i'm having trouble with is the white/yellow wire coming from the microswitch on the passenger side... the problem is that i only have one wire, and the schematic shows that it branches off from the relay over to the dimmer relay, and then from there, i'm assuming it's another short jumper wire to the positive terminal on the dimmer relay...

my main question is what wire goes to the positive terminal on the dimmer relay? the schematic shows the white/yellow wire going to the terminal directly below on the schematic... there is also a short piece that looks like a jumper wire...

i mainly need to get the turn signal stalk working again to switch between low and high beams...
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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