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I'm in the process of putting my engine back together. Actually, its ready to come off the engine stand. I noticed, while inserting the dip stick, that I may have the tube that is inside the sump in the wrong orientation. Can anyone give me some help.

I have a late model block 7?-75, where the dip stick goes thru the edge of the block and then into the pan.

Does the tube angle toward the crank, or toward the back of the pan? or somewhere else.

I'm sure many of you have the correct answer, and I need some help fast. It will be easier to flip the engine over on the stand and correct it now!

I want to drop the engine in this weekend and fire the damn thing up!

So... can someone help me out?


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Dipstick orientation

If I remember correctly, I oriented mine in my 2.15 about 45 deg. away from the pan rail and pointed toward the rear of the engine. This way it clears the crank and curves the dipstick into the sump slightly away from the pan rail. HTH
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