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My dad and I are just starting to work on our '73 Opel GT and we were wondering whether or not we can replace the brakes with disk brakes...and how much trouble that is.....is worth doing?

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Or, if you are rich, or just can't do the type of work to fit the Isuzu rear disks (and I presume you were asking about converting the rear drums to disks), you can try:


I believe that there are a few other suppliers/installers of rear disk conversions. I think I heard that Roger Wilson (of Rogers' Opel Engineering in Southern California) does rear disk conversions. I would also call Gil at Opel GT Source (http://www.opelgtsource.com/) and ask his advice.

As for whether it is worth it, you should ask Charles Goin (http://www.opelmanta.com/) who wrote the article mentioned above. I believe he says that they made a substantial difference. I have also heard that converting the front brakes to the "big brake" package (1975 Opel Manta/Ascona and 1977 BMW 320i) provides MUCH more braking bang for your buck. And for the amount of work required.


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You can ignore this. I must have posted it here by mistake. It's not totally applicable in this thread.

Well, assuming that not a lot of money is to be spent and not a major conversion (though 4 disc brakes later would be good) I wonder if anyone has used a modern booster and master cylinder with otherwise stock Opel brakes.

Doesn't the Isuzu option linked to above also require changing wheels sizes too? I suppose that if they also have a more common bolt pattern that would be a good thing but right now I have aluminum slotted mags that fit with Opel brakes etc. and right now I just want to get my brakes working without major changes. But as I see it going to a modern booster system that's readly replaceable is a very good thing. Everybody will be facing this sooner or later.
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