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Today I received a new distributor, which contrary to what I have ordered (BOSCH 0 231 170 236, for a 1.6S engine) is a different model (BOSCH 0 231 170 153, for a 1.6N engine).

Are there any chances that this part will work correctly in my engine?

Concerning your very common 1.9S and 1.9N engines, are there any differences between their distributors (concerning advance curves)?

I am completely dissapointed as the part was bought at a city about 500km away, asked as a favour to a man I almost don't know, and who was assured by the shop that it was the correct part. Now it is a problem sending it back, as it was bought without a receipt and propably they won't get it back...

I am so unlucky once again... And I spent for it about 120 euros, which for a student is much...
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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