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Re: Distributor

gary keller said:
Does anyone know which volkswagon distributor you can buy new that will swap out with my gt distributor. They are both a bosch distributor
Even though the VW, BMW, etc may use the same distributor type (that means the working parts are the same), the housings (what you plug into the engine) will be unique to each engine. That's even true of different engine types within the same manufacturer!


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Bosch built all the distributers, the internals will interchange but as tekenaar stated the housings are far from the same. Usually the difference is length of shaft, oil pump drive style and gear to the crank/cam. The part that prodrudes from the motor will also be different to clear things like accessories or the valve cover.

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Try your local branch of the NAPA car parts chain as they still list a remanufactured Opel distributor.

Or type "NAPA" into your web search engine and have a look through their on-line site.

I got one that came from them through a seller on EBay and it looks like new.
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