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My car has the orgininal paint with some road chips on the front. Does anyone know if you can purchase little bottles of touch up paint that match the Opel factory color codes? I checked at one auto store and the 25 year counter person never even heard of an Opel car. It made me feel old.

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find the shop that does the paint for your local body shops
(here they are "paint shop supplys") and ask there they should be able to make up paint and put it in rattle cans to do touch ups
welcome to the world of puzzled looks and the question "whats an opel and who made it" btw you will soon learn to look for the coffin dodger in the back who knew them when his grandpa used to sell parts for them

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If you want touch up paint, first go to www.autocolorlibrary.com

Select Buick and then your year. Print out the page with the PPG color number on it. Take that page to you local Automotive paint store. They will use this number to mix your paint. Not all paint stores have the capability to put it in rattle cans, so call around. If they can do this, it is most always enamel.

If the little dinky town of Van Buren, Arkansas has a place that can to this, it can't be that hard to find a place near you .....

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