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EXCEPT FOR THE PRICE!!! But then again, it'd probably be less thana C6 Corvette when it's all said and done and more unique. Check it out:

Radical Makes Own V8

Radical is now in the final development stages of a small- block, high-revving V8 based around superbike technology.

Using Powertec, its in-house engineering arm, the Peterborough-based firm has completed lengthy dyno testing on a 2.6-litre unit to be fitted into a new race- car and sold for road car applications.
The 72degree V8 uses Suzuki GSXR1300 cylinder heads and barrels; all other major components are supplied by Powertec. It runs a flat-plane crank for high-rev balance and features a bank of oil pumps to scavenge the integral multi-stage dry sump.
Known as the RPA V8 (Radical Powertec Series A) it has so far produced a heady 383bhp at 10,000rpm and a peak torque figure of 207lb ft at 6000rpm . Fully-dressed, it weighs just 95kg. In most applications it will be mated to a specially designed Quaife six-speed sequential transaxle although an alternative gearbox is available for front-wheel-drive installations.
The first port of call for the RPA V8 will be Radical's new SR8. Based on the SR3 racer-cum-hardcore trackday machine, it develops more grip through a combination of increased downforce, bigger wings and larger Dunlop tyres. These racers will compete in a six-round, 12-race championship and from next spring there'll be a road-legal trackday version.
Production of the first 25 engines has begun and since the first dyno test interest from around the world is said to be 'enormous'. That tight 'V' makes the unit very compact, allowing it to fit in anything from Elises and Caterhams upwards. It will be available with optional twin counter-rotating balancer shafts for smoother running. The RPA will cost around £18,800.

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A super compact, lightweight V8 has been on my mental drafting board since I was in high school. There are a few things to consider, the biggest being internal friction, the next being development cost. We also have to consider that given 10,000 rpm working revs, a 2.6 litre 4 cylinder making 380 hp in full race trim isn't that much of a stretch.

My notebook sketches were more of a small-block chevy clone "mini-me". After all, the best part of an American V8 is the sound and copying the design only smaller, makes pretty much the same sound only quieter. Now simple math, let's cut the SBC by half. So that would make it 175 cubic inches or about 2.9 litres, 250 pounds trimmed, and making around 200 horsepower for a well tuned streetable motor or maybe 300 for a full race, hi-rev motor.

I spent some time googling and found some really interesting stuff.

Rover V8 in a Mini

Just about the coolest thing I have ever seen - Ken's miniature engines

Make sure you find the video of the small-block chevy with roots blower and the flathead with a very healthy cam... both motors run and are about the size of a shoebox.

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how bout getting one of those roots blowers, bolting on a webber and then bolt it to a majorly ported manifold? ill bet it would work, and no problems with exceeding fuel pressure like force fed superchargers.

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MadHatter, At one of the National Model Racing Boat events I went to there was a guy that had a CNC machine that shrunk original GM 350 engine parts and made them in 1/10 scale. He had a pair of them on display and one that he actually ran quite a few times. It was amazing to us with the single cylinder engines that his ran so smoothly, absolutely no noticeable vibration. The going price then was $10k per engine. I don't know if it is the same person in your link, but what I saw was definately impressive. :cool:

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jeff i can just see you calling AAA and have them dig you out of a large hole as you do a china syndrome:)
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