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door panels

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Greetings from Oklahoma! I am in the process of restoring my 72 GT Door panels. I have new regulators/cables and have gutted the doors. The panels, however, have gotten wet and out of shape. I am wondering if anyone has experience in replacing the panels and, if so, what material you have used and had success with. The panels are in good enough shape to serve as a template, but I don't want to put them back on like they are.
Any help is appreciated.
Robert Lee
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My sister-in-law (who happens to be an upholsterer by trade and is visiting this weekend) says to use standard door panel backing board, which is basically a hard, high density cardboard material. She says it should be available from your local upholstery shop in rectangular sheets.

If you can't get that, you might also try your local building supply store, and see if they have 1/8 inch masonite. It's a bit harder than the cardboard material, a bit less flexible (but GT panels are fairly flat), and a it more difficult to cut.

tubs, really

I've also had good luck with the 4x8 sheets of fiberglass bath tub surround stuff. $40 a sheet, and a shiny gloss white, but pretty easy to work with.
Thanks, i'll try the upholstry shop first and go from there. I'd thought about the tub surround, but wasn't sure it would work.
this helps a lot.
door panel repair

I had a similar problem with my '73 GT. I used the old water logged cardboard ones as a template. I used an 1/8inch thick hole board from home depot. It has 1/8 diameter holes which can be used for attaching the fastening clips. It's also a great material to attach the existing door belt metal door pad upper to, once you re-upholster that of course.
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