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The person who posted this said that it was used for "drinking and driving". Later, he provided a translation of what's printed on the bottle:

<<< It says on it (Google translate as a non French speaking must be enough) that this bottle is a special bottle with two ends specially made for opel. It contains an fruit brand with 32 % alcohol. >>>

Double-ended Opel liquor bottle5.jpg Double-ended Opel liquor bottle1.jpg Double-ended Opel liquor bottle2.jpg Double-ended Opel liquor bottle3.jpg Double-ended Opel liquor bottle4.jpg


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You found the new PSA Monday week start drink.
No becks beer and hamburgers anymore
Only French fine gusto

Upps,sorry I just wake up since Wednesday
Norbert! Glad to see you active again, I have been wondering about you & your health. Hope you are feeling better. Prayers for you this morning!

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We were all worried about you! It is good to know that we didn't hear from you only because you were sleeping away the hangover from your wild party at the car dealership show!

That’s not my wishes when the medicine went to poison last Monday night.
At time I must ask for news in my Familie also the 2.2 swap.
I have no clou:no:


Ps.:The last I know is ,sent the manta b motor mounts with Marzipan.
Hope arrived soon!
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