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driverside motor mount

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ok i also just noticed that when i was trying to get my alternator to work that my drivers side motor mount is shot to he!!, looked up price at ogts.com 30 bucks sounds fair to me ill be ordering one of them tommorow morning, just wondering i pulled the engine befor just cant rember if i can just undo the blot on the drivers side mount jack up that side of the engine pull the mount and stick the new one in, without hurting the pasenger side mount?? just wondering also does anyone no if those are repo.'s or are those origanal stock? just my curiosity. thanks again for any advice.
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the mounts seem to be repos, which is a good thing. NOS parts would probably be deteriorating by now. undo the bolt that holds the mount into the car from underneath the car, then undo the engine mount nut from the top, jack that side of the motor up, slip out, slip new in, and just put it back together. you will want to check your passenger side mount, as they're more susceptable to breaking due to the heat of the exhaust manifold baking it constantly. if ones bad the others probably not fallowing too far behind.
sounds good, welll im almsot positive my passenger side one is in ok condition because i jus did a header and it looks pretty good, but ill double check anyways, thnaks again.
Be sure your heat shield is on the passenger side mount. I suggest unbolting the passenger side and lifting both sides @ the same time. If your passenger side is good, there's no need to torque it any more than necessary. Also if you lift both ends off the mounts, you can tell if the mount has torn from the metal bracket.
Just did both sides!

I changed both this way as they had turned to stone and settled an inch. What a difference, used to vibrate the whole dash at take off up to about 35 mph. I got mine from OGTS, if I remeber right the threads are differnt than the stock nut on the old ones so you might want to find some new nuts prior to changing them. Or just pull a old nut and see if it threads on.
well i orderd a mount for the drivers side today i figure that if my passenger side one looks ok and i also have just put a new heat shield on the passenger one, also something i learned today the drivers side is stressed when the car goes forward the passenger side only gets stressed realy when ur in reverse.
The only one I've ever had go bad on me is the passenger side mount. I should probably pay more attention to which direction I'm driving....
the engine pulling up on the engine mounts is much more stressfull than the engine pushing down on the mounts. when accelerating, the drivers side mount is being compressed, and passenger side being "stretched" so to speak. vise versa while downshifting and accelerating. i dont think the forward/reverse gear affects which mount is seeing more stress as the engine will always try to lift on the same side or twist the same way.
well looking at the mounts today it looks like my engine has been moved over about an inch to the passengers side which means both mounts are broken, so i orderd anthor mount and will be doing both it looks like.
ok i was talked into it i put both motor mounts in they arent that hard to do just jack the engine up by the tranny bell housing pull the old one out put the new on in, let down engine and bolt down tightly, they seem to make there car ride alot better, as well lknow i see why u must let down the engine to take the valve cover off, my mounts were so compressed that i could remove the valve cover with out lowering the engine at all. thanks again for all the help i got from every one.
Oh, you're supposed to let the engine down to take off the valve cover???? I thought it was just supposed to be a total struggle every time. Hmmmm... Something to consider.
i've found the easiest way to take the valve cover off the GT is to take pull the hood rod all the way forward as in unlatching the hood, and just "roll" it off to the driver side of the car.
Thats basically the way it seems to come off in the end.....but its a struggle. I have the OGTS large wire loom that connects to the valve cover bolt and to the "side cover on the head" bolt and maybe that's getting in my way to some point. All I know it's a pain to remove and reinstall.
that probably still does not help you much as the GT valve cover will alsways be a tight fit anyhows. i think taking the mounting ears off the engine and lowering it wouldnt be worth the time or trouble of just getting it off with engine where its supposed to be.
It would be easier to take the hood latch rod off probably.
its not a big deal to take it off, but can be a pain to get the hood to latch right again sometimes.
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