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solex carb problems (GT 1100)

The original carbs on my Opel GT 1100 from 1969 are the Solex 35 pdsi carbs, I 'm trying to install them but it 's pretty hard.

Few problems I have:

1) When I have my throttle (almost) completely down, the engine doesn't reacts, and keeps on running on a certain RPM. Only after a few seconds he 's starting to react slowly.

2) When I ungear, (and of course putting my foot of the accelerator pedal) , at 2500 RPM, the engine keeps on running at 2000 - 2500 RPM, it takes a few seconds before he 'falls' down at his normal 1000 RPM.

I 'm planning to bring them to a carburatorshop and have them rebuild. But I 'm also thinking of replacing the Solex carbs by Weber carbs. Is this possible by an 1100 cc engine? Which carbs would you recommend me? The Weber 34 ICT or 34 ICH or ... ? Are they eassier to install? Will they bring more horsepower in my GT?

Thanks a lot!
Joost, Belgium

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Step One

Make sure the ignition timing is correct as it is next to impossible to tune carbs if that is not right.

Next, with the engine stopped, take the air filters off and look down the carburettors while openning the accelerator linkage to make sure that both carbs are openning equally and that they close together (at the same time).

Also get someone to push the accelerator pedal down inside the car while you watch what happens at the carburettors. Make sure everything works correctly and does not get jammed anywhere in the cycle from closed to open and back to closed.

Unless something is badly worn inside the carburettors then most problems are caused by external mechanical bits not being adjusted correctly.

So: 1) Check ignition (spark) is correct
2) Check physical opperation of accelerator linkages
3) Make sure ther is enough fuel being supplied to the carbs.
4) If all else is correct then consider the rebuild.

Carburettor shops make lots of money rebuliding carbs that were OK in the first place!
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