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Dyno Chart

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Has anyone run their car on a dyno, or know where some dyno charts are?. Just curious to see what HP a 1.9 makes (or whatever engine you have) with stock or whatever mods have been made.
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Regardless of horsepower ratings, the Opels are not as powerful as we´d like. This is the down side. The up side to this is they are relatively easy to improve in terms of proportion.

Early high compression engines are rated at 102 gross hp, and 90 hp net. Figure around 80-82 by today´s standards (at the flywheel, not at the rear wheels)

Later smog engines were pathetic. They were rated at 90 hp gross, and 75-78 net (depending on year). This is about 65 hp by today´s standards. A car magazine dynoed a smog-style Manta on a chassis dyno in the early 70s. It made 47 hp to the rear wheels. This is pretty accurate.

All is not lost however, I was able to get 97 hp from an early 1.9 with simple bolt-ons. This equates to about 20% more power than stock, and knocked 4 seconds off my 0-60 time (from 12.4 to 8.4). Top speed increased 18 mph.

I dynoed an engine I built for a friend of mine, it was a 2.0 litre that made 155 hp at the crank, with no air filter, and one muffler. With a restrictive air filter in place, and three mufflers to quiet it down, it made 114.7 hp to the rear wheels (over double that of a stock smog engine), through a Getrag, a limited slip, and tall 15 inch rear tires. The coast-down measured the driveline power losses @ 17%.

The *reasonable* streetable limit for a 2.0 or 1.9 Opel engine seems to be about 140-150 hp, any higher starts to really tax the pocket book and the driveability factor. The larger Opel engines with the better cylinder heads can make over 200 hp for about $6000 or so, and still retain driveability. I have a 2.2 litre that idles smooth at 900 rpm´s with dual Webers, and made 224 hp. Another friend has a 2.5 litre Opel engine that makes over 185 hp, but idles like a stocker, and pulls from idle to 7500 rpms, all with a single carburetor.

Now with turbos or superchargers, the sky is the limit, as long as you have cash to spend. The same person above with the 2.5 litre has asked me to build a 2.7 litre turbo Opel with programmable fuel injection. Preliminary estimates based on a Garrett engineers turbo recommendations, are 320-370 hp depending on fuel octane and boost level. But this will cost over $8000 to build.
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I have dynoed my car 2 times

first time was 85.9 hp @5000 rpm
tq was 103.7 @ 3400 rpm

the head was pulled and redone

new cam an lifters ($284 for cam and lifters, $275 for head work)

2nd dyno run

95.5 hp @ 5800 rpm
tq 93.9 @ 4800 rpm

have a new motor going together should cost around $2600

dyno runs in about a month or two

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CoolBlue72 said:
Has anyone run their car on a dyno, or know where some dyno charts are?. Just curious to see what HP a 1.9 makes (or whatever engine you have) with stock or whatever mods have been made.
Sorry no chart available but my first turbo-cih (1.9) gave 185hp/280Nm with 0.7bar boost. Fuels system was standard LE-Jetronic with ~4bar fuel pressure. Not nice but worked quite good.

Turbocharger was small garrett with 40mm compressor inducer and 0.86 a/r turbine. Intercooler tiny Fiat Uno turbo item (too small..).



Ah I forgot that I have published also the dyno sheet at our site...

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Is it just me.....

...or is it pathetic that a great looking little car like the GT does 0-60 in 12 seconds.

What I wouldnt give to have the cash to make mine do 0-60 in about 4.5 - 5.0 and still retain its stock look. That would be great!!!!!
hey give it some more credit
my 72 with a 32/36 and a header does 11.2 at 65 mph in the eight
i still blow by stock hondas
they are aroung 12 to 13
plus you still feel the power in these cars
Here's a dyno chart from a few weeks ago on my 1.9l.


This is wheel HP. If we assume 17% loss it's 128.4hp at the crank. Now that the fuel system is fixed and I won't go lean at ~5500rpm and based on peak hp at 6500 rpm I'm expecting another ~20hp. We'll see...

1.9L, ported head, custom cam, 9.7:1 CR, ported stock intake, '75 exhaust manifold, 2" exhaust, 2 mufflers, 38 dgas, 5.5" rods...


It looks like your maximum torque was right around 12:1 air fuel ratio. You have a lot to gain if you can tune the the rest of the RPM range closer to this mixture. Make sure to check your EGT at this mixture for "safe" operating temps.
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