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Anyone interested in the Seattle/Tacoma area (the dyno shop I'm talking with is in Auburn. They are a well respected dyno/tune shop.) that would like to test their engine? Either way, I will probably go down in the next few weeks to baseline my 2.2l.

I received this response from Mark at www.bloodenterprises.com :


What car club are you with? We work with quite a few different car clubs in the area. I would be happy to put together a dyno day for you and your club members. I do have a basic dyno structure.

Dyno Power Pulls- $95 per hour
Dyno Power Pulls w/air fuel and tuning- $135 per hour
auxilary o2 bung for checking air/fuel mixture- $60 parts and labor

Car club or group rates vary depending on amount of people. Typically it is $35 for setup and first pull, $10 for each additional pull.

Let me know if you have any further questions.

Thank you,
Blood Enterprises
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