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Please forgive my ignorance, but I know even less about exhaust issues than I do about just about every other component on my GT.

So here are my questions in regard to the pipes on Ebay:

1. Anybody have an idea how much modification is necessary (if any) to install them or are they "plug n play"?

2. With pipes like these, what else follows...do you still need the resonator like the original setup (and what is the resonator for anyway?) or just a muffler?

3. I kinda wanted to beef up the sound, so I was thinking about putting glass packs on...would that kill any HP gain that I might have gained with these pipes, and do they even make glass packs that would fit the GT?

4. Are there other alternatives (other than glass packs) to give my GT that testosterone oozing sound that we all love?

Thanks for any responses and again, I apologize for any ignorance I've shown in this post:)

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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