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Opel Part Dealer bidding on himself on e-Bay

I find it interesting that Jim bids as usaopel and then he bid on himself as gonnadriveit1day to drive up the price on this item.

Everyone usually complains about the price of items on e-bay but the truth here is that at times we do these things to ours selves. Ever wonder why things don't sell for less at some opel parts dealers or on e-bay????
The reason why I know it is Jim (gonnadriveit1day) is that he sent me one of those solictiation e-mail from the gonnadriveit1day account.

Jim why did you do this???

Check out these two items on e-Bay, he has bid against himself on both.


Hope I posted these correctly. If not just look up the item number of e-mail me for the coppied page.
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It looks like Jim might have bid on it at work
then went home and bid. I've done this before.
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