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kwilford said:
Yep, I think it is for real. It is also listed on our own ad board, at http://opelgt.com/ppc/showproduct.php?product=210&sort=1&cat=9&page=1 As I recall, the car is in New York, and was bought by its present owner (Ralf) a couple or three years ago. It was posted on the classicopels board at the time. If I recall correctly, it was actually re-painted a year or two after it was built, due to an accident, but aside from that, is genuinely a 16,000 mile (virtually) NOS GT. It will have a $15,000 reserve or thereabouts on eBay, as that is what he is asking for it here.
Are you sure that's the same car Keith? I thought Ralph's 'old' GT was sold to someone in North Carolina and the new owner was on this forum in fact? I know that car had only 1013 miles on it when I saw it. This car may be a different one.

1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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