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Ive had this happen to me many times. and I also had a problem with a very picky buyer that really agrivated me.

(buyer) Just wondering why you never left feedback. I paid you quickly! However,On your end the communication was terrible. Then you told me it shipped on the 15th. It was postmarked the 18th. The part was ok,But as it stands wright now you'll get neutral feedback at best. If you give the + feedback you should have givin me weeks ago I'll overlook my end of this deal and return + feedback.

(me)Ohh Im sorry, Usually when I have parts on ebay I check or update my
feedback; but when I dont have parts on ebay I sometimes dont check the
feedback that needs to be posted as often as I should. The reason why it was
post marked on the 18th is because thats when they collect larger packages
to be sent out through US mail (I drop my packages off at the local grocery
store because the larger package US mail van stops there on thursdays
[december 18th])
I personally think you are being too critical about these small
details. It may seem like nothing to some people to leave neutral or
negative feedback to sellers. I take my feedback personally and you can tell
by reading my feedback that every customer I've had has been happy. Usually
when people leave negative or neutral feedback is because some part of the
deal went wrong, the item wasnt explained fully shipping was unreasonably
slow (I bought a huge pipe wrench on ebay about a year ago and shipping took
3 months! though I left positive feedback because I was glad to get the
item; It may be that I am just a nice guy or I am just too easy about
leaving positive feedback. I also sold the SRV 540 engine mounts and to this
day I have not recieved an email or payment from him, though I have not yet
left him feedback.
I felt the necessity to write such a long email because again I take my
feedback personally; though the intent of this message was not sway you to
leave me positive feedback. This was all my opinion that I felt was needed
to be said. Feedback is a matter of opinion, so do as you must.


this had to have been the most obnoxious buyer I've ever had.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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