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dual relay

88d- to fuel pump (+)

86a- from starter solenoid

88y- from fuel pump fuse (+12v supply for fuel pump and aux air valve)

85- to ground (-)

86c- from ignition switch (+12v supply when ign is in "on")

88z- from battery (+12v supply for the computer and injectors, can be "always on")

88b- to terminal 43 on the injector pre-resistor (+12V to the injectors fia the resistor pack)

87a- apparently not used

86b- to pin 20 on the computer and terminal 36 on the air flow meter (maintains the fuel pump running after the engine is started)

88a- to pin 10 on the computer and terminal 39 on the air flow meter (+12v to the computer when the ignition is on and the +12v to the air flow meter switch for maintaining the fuel pump running)

86- to terminal 45,47 on the cold start injector and to pin 4 on the computer (tells the computer the engine is cranking over via the starter, and starts the cold start injector firing)

88c- to terminal 48 on the auxiliary air valve (+12v when the fuel pump is running to the aux air valve, grounded out through the computer when it needs to open)

That should get you going, but you probably need to get a '75 factory service manual suppliment before you go much further, it covers all the EFI stuff you are dealing with.
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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