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Painted rear end of GT yesterday (finally fixed seam cracks that I, early on, over-ambitiously explored with 4" grinder :eek: ).

This is my first "partial" paint... & now I'm looking for tips blending old/new???

Used a single stage acrylic enamel w/a shot of hardener. Progressively lapped final top edge with a couple mix-coats of HR50 melter. I've got a dry mist up to mask line over old paint.

Because I've already got it in the cupboard, my attack plan is:
1200 wetsand
2000 wetsand
3M Perfect-It III rubbing compound - rub, rub, rub.
3M Finesse-It II finishing material- rub, rub, rub, rub, rub.... :(

Is this appropriate? Should I go shopping?

Also... I'd really like to start tomorrow... 48hours old @ about 70-80 deg. Any "litmus" test to determine if paint is hard enough?

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