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Engine Assembly Tips

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Engine assembly

My engine parts will be ready on Thursday!!!!!!!

So, I need suggestions on assembly. What should I use to clean everything(some say ATF)? What should I use as an assembly lube(some say motor honey)? Ive seen coatings to put on cylinder walls to help seat the rings quicker. Good idea or bad? I think you get the picture...

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I used ATF mixed with minerial spirits to clean my engine, I think the ATF keeps things from rusting and the minerial does the cleaning.
There are all kinds of assembling grease out there but I use Lubriplate Assembly Grease. It works very well.
After I finished assembling and polishing most of the engine I use Diamond Clear coat from www.eastwood.com for bare metal.
It says it withstand 300 degree F. (will see, I didnt use it on the exhaust manifold.)

I not an expert at restoring Opels but I am a P.h.d.
(Poor - Hungry - Driven)

Travis, I've had good luck cleaning the block with VERY hot water and detergent (no solvent), and using a soft bristle brush to scrub the bores, as well as round brushes for oil galleys. After washing the cylinders for about 10 minutes, I rinse the block with a garden hose, then spray the cylinders with WD-40 to retard rusting. I use compressed air to quickly dry the remainer of the block. I then wipe the cylinders with clean dry white rags to remove the WD-40, and start the long (slow) process of wiping the cylinders down with clean white (non-fluffy) rags dipped in ATF. I continuously flip the rags over to 'clean' spots until the red ATF has NO signs of dirt in it (it takes quite a while).

For assembly I use plain oil 10w-30 engine oil on the pistons and rings, but I use Sealed Power assembly lube (thick and red..sticks to anything, won't drip off) for the cam/lifters, bearings, valve guides, etc. I pre-clean the bearings with aerosol brake-cleaner, as it does not leave a film residue, and evaporates quickly. Engine is essentially broken-in after 20 minutes. After the cam has been broken in, I change the oil and filter, set the timing/fueling, and it's ready to go. You can dyno the engine right away in fact.

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