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What was the factory color of the GT engine? Mine is black, but I don't know if it is original. I'm debating on what color to paint the new one. I'm thinking a lighter color than black would make it easier to find oil leaks. I'll stay away from the dreaded Chevy Orange though.....too close to the color of the car.

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I use black on all engine rebuilds. Hopefully my reasons will not cause a lot of hate mail. While I was building racing engines I found that black dissipates heat better than any other color. To go even further I used Matte Black engine paint. I applied it in four very thin coats. I used very light thin coats of paint so as not to disrupt the natural pits/bumps in the casting process of the engine. More surface= more cooling, the air that travels through your engine compartment does alot to help your cooling system keep your engine at tolerable levels. The worst thing to do is apply thick coats of paint that smooth out and reduce surface volume. Different colors hold more heat it seemed too. Blue was the worst followed by Orange and Yellow, I have had them all , on the same motor too so I know it was color and application that caused the increase in heat, not just a different engine with different problems. Also strangely enough locating leaks on a black engine is not difficult like one would believe either. Well that was my 5 cent's worth, I wish you the best.

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