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I've never seen a numbers-matching Opel myself, even in my teen years when I stripped 4-5 of them a week for two summers. You can verify the year and month of the block's manufacture, and the year of the head. Same goes for the distributor, intake manifold, thermostat housing, and various other small pieces...they have the date of manufacture on them. But as far as pure numbers matching....I've never seen it.

In fact, TWO of the Mantas I've owned actually had mismatching ID tags on them. The Manta has the VIN number on the A-pillar, on the underhood aluminum tag, and stamped into the body just above the firewall. In the case of both of my cars with incorrect numbers, only ONE of the three tags was off by only one digit in sequence (on the A-pillar). So it was not a case of a stolen car, it appears it was a case of the assembly line screwing up the tag sequence during assembly.

By the same token, one of those Mantas (a 1974) also had a factory-installed 1.9S block (not US) with flat-top pistons. But the head had hydraulic lifters. I bought that car from the original owner back in 1986 with 63K on it. Never had engine work on it. So it appears Opel had no rhyme or reason when it came to numbers.

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