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This thread raises an interesting philosophical issue. I actually like the fact that it doesn't really matter whether these cars are "numbers matching" or not. My friends with Corvettes tear their hair out trying to get date coded parts, or obscure bits of outdated electronics rebuilt so they can put the "right piece" back in. When I need to fix something, I buy a new one, and if someone has invented a better mousetrap in the last 30 years, I put it in.

To me, that's the great thing about owning a fun, classic car that you can actually drive and work on. (Hopefully in that order. I have another old car that I am working on with the ultimate hope of driving it. Its been 3 years now.)

Of course, knowing the real mileage of an original motor is always a helpful thing, but from a restoration and upgrade standpoint, I'm glad its impossible to tell. Hopefully that means it will never matter.

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