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engine mounts compressed?

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the fan on my 72 gt is rubbing on the bottom of the fan shroud.does this mean that the engine mounts are compressed from age or has something shifted?can the mounts be fixed so that they will be higher without replacing them?
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Is it possible that the radiator isn't properly seated? There is a bottom mount that might not be attached, and without it the rad can lift up a bit. Or it might be your mounts...
The rubber can break away from the metal top piece. This can cause the engine to shift laterally. The rubber can also melt on the passenger side, causing the engine to drop. Then, the exhaust manifold or header may vibrate against the brace at low rpm and around corners.

If you have to drive the car: The only TEMPORARY fix I know, is to cut a piece of rubber (like found for a livestock mat), and use this to shim the melted side until your replacement arrives. Bad motor mounts need replacement.
the mounts do not appear to be broken or melted but I belive I did leave the nut off the bottom of the radiator.Even when the car was new the fan would rub the shroud but not as bad as it is now.I'll check the nut on radiator tomorrow.thanks
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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