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I have enough money to get a weber, and a bunch of aftermarket goodies to continue my beautification process on my GT engine. I want to get an after market exhausr header (who makes them or does anyone have one they are willing to sell?) I am also wondering about the weber carb dealio. I checked out the weber web site and saw more than one carb for a GT, Which one do I need? or want? or should prefer? Also, is there any other aftermarket goodies I should know about. I need to know where I can get valves (valves, seats, springs and retainers), because tomorrow I an getting my head ported and polished and sand blasted for paint, and I waant to have my engine back together as soon as possible. Right now I am aiming at the engine details first. After I get that done I will post for my next target area (not sure what it is yet). Any info or suggestions are appreciated. Thanks -OPIE

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Well, first off, to stay on the good side of the moderators, you should only post under the "GT" Forum when you have a question specific to the GT model, which ISN'T covered by one of the Technical Forums. In other words, if you have a question about which country the GT was assembled in, or which year of GT had a split front bumper, it would go under the "GT" Forum. But a question about what carb to install in a GT would go under "Group 6 - Engine", then under "6C - Fuel System", since it also applies to the other Opel models. If you want to know about the GT's unique headlights, however, the answer will be found in "Group 2 - Body and Interior" under "2C - GT Headlamps Troubleshooting, Removal and Repair". It may seem a bit confusing at first, but the Technical Forum organization follows the 1973 and later Opel Factory Service Manuals, and makes finding answers MUCH easier later.

We also have a terrific search feature, which will almost always provide a thread (or 20) to provide the answer to the question you might have. Just think of the key word, or maybe a couple of words, that might be used in a question. Bingo, a bunch of threads will appear after the search. If you don't find the exact answer to your question in a thread that is almost the one you need, please feel free to add a post to continue the thread. We all want a better resource for our future use, so a thread that answers the question fully will be a good thing.

If you do want to start a new thread, remember that a specific question about a single issue, in the appropriate forum, will get you a better, more complete answer. Multiple questions about varied systems will just get your thread moved to the "Open Discussions" forum, which is where this is now. But general comments should always be posted in the "Open Discussions" forum, where almost anything goes. That's Opel related, of course.

So, for your questions, you might look (and then post) in:

1) "Exhaust System" in the "Engine" Forum for header information (also under "Opel Engine Performance Modifications" in the "Performance" forum)

2) "Fuel System" in the "Engine" Forum for carb suggestions.

3) "Engine Mechanical" and "Opel Engine Performance Modifications" for valves and associated components

HTH and good luck

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because tomorrow I an getting my head ported and polished and sand blasted for paint,

Unless you are removing the rocker arm studs, and replacing the camshaft bearings, do NOT have the head sandblasted or glassbeaded. It will cause the engine to fail....

Just a warning!!


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lots of places to get things new, some things are ok used. i have a brand new 1 piece hooker header for sale too......best offer i guess.
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