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Hi- I just bought a 1970 Opel Gt that is a basket case. I have read what everyone thinks of putting a V8 in an Opel, but I have a 215 Buick sitting in the garage. I also have a T-5 tranny and a T-56 tranny. I get the feeling that the majority of the folks on this board would sell this stuff and soup up the Opel engine. However, if you had these items just sitting around, would you still feel that a V8 swap is such a bad idea? I'd really like to give it a whirl, but I'm not going to beat my head against the wall if several have tried and failed. Just looking for opinions. Thanks!

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The 215 Buick is NOT lighter than the Opel, but is rather 20 lbs heavier. Still, that is an exceptionally light V8, and is the only V8 engine I would consider installing in an Opel (preferably a later Rover version with the better heads though!)

I wonder if the 6-speed would even fit between the engine and the torque tube! It's that long! You'd have no drive-shaft, just two u-joints....
A non-torque tube rear axle is a necessity then, both for clearance and for power capability.


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I went and picked up the car over the weekend(I didn't actually have it yet when I posted last). It was an ebay purchase so I really didn't know what it would come with. It needs to be gutted and thoroughly refurbished but I still need some opinions about where I should head with the project.
1. I plan to autocross it
2. I can fabricate, engineer, and machine-- but I don't want to if I don't have to

Here is the stuff I have laying around
1. 215 V8
2. T5
3. T56
4. 2 S-10 rear ends

Here is the stuff that came with the car
1. 2 1.9s
2. Extra brake rotors and drums
3. 4 speed and an automatic

My specific questions:
1. What parts from this list would work well with this vehicle
2. Will I twist up the unibody autocrossing with 160 HP
3. Will I eat up rotors(I see they are expensive)
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