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Alright guys, I'm a newbie and sorry to say I know nothing about Opels at all. I'm in an advanced auto tech class (I'm a JR in Highschool) and I noticed that there's an old Opel GT sitting in the corner without an engine or a drivetrain. Ever since I saw the car I've been intrigued by it. I think that it's a very pretty car (there is a bit of rust on her though). I'm curious about what I can do with it. I have nothing to do in this class because I refuse to take my car into a room full of highschoolers that will mess around with different stuff on it and destroy the car in the process! I would like to get the Opel to work again though, for some reason I've made it my personal goal to fix this thing. What engines will all fit??? I know that there's a few Chevy 350s sitting around doing nothing and from the looks of the engine bay I get the feeling I could get one to fit, does anybody know for sure? What would you guys reccomend for an engine and drivetrain? Please help me, this is really bothering me!
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God, I though I was the only kid who was obsessed with these cars. I am a highschool senior. I dont know a whole lot either but there are a ton of people here who can help. The porsche isnt bad either, but youre right....its not an opel! Good luck!:D
I moved this to the "Engine Swap Forum", which seems like the right place for it. Read through this forum and see what ideas sound good, and then ask away!
If you want to keep it all Opel the Cadillac 3.0L v6 is an Opel motor. I don't know how well it fits.
Other good motors (not Opel) Chevy 4cyl and the 2.8 or 3.1 v6 with a t5 tranny from a Chevy s-10. The Camaro t5 will not fit.
Nissan also has some 4cyl's and v6's that bolt up to a t5.

I'll say it again (mainly beacause I want to do it), a Rover/B-O-P aluminum 215ci v8. It's the only v8 worth trying. Less weight than the stock Opel motor and more power potential than you can believe (150-200hp stock (early) and 300 or more in later Rover/TVR applications. Nevermind the insane Can-Am and roadracing versions (quad downdraft Webers!).

And so pretty polished!
buick 215

I'm putting a buick 215 with a turbo 350 in my gt, so it can be done but you better have time and patience on hand.I am fixing my gt mostly for car shows and to drive on weekends, you might want to thing of a 4.3--v6 or something in that size.GOODLUCK
a chevy 350 is a very hard engion to do cuz you need to tube out the frame or else you will break the windows i am buying my first opel to i am buying a 72 but i am a jr in high school too infact i help teach the class i am right now working on a astro with a 350 in it. but i would sugest to get a opel engine or to try a rotary or i was even thinking a miati engin. if your looking for a fast and fun car i would say get a engin with a big aftermarket for it.
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