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Help! 70 Kadett 2.0 AT w/ 100a delco alternator. When I turn on the parking lights my gas gauge goes to empty, and my temp gauge pegs high. This also happens when using the turn signals (needles bounce w/ the blink).
I have tried using a voltage stabilizer from a Manta- did not help.
The same symptoms existed w/ my old alternator.
I don't think it is a voltage issue, I have 14.45v at the battery w/ high beams on. All lights work correctly.
Any ideas? Could it be a ground problem?

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When in doubt, check then double check all the grounds. You could be getting a ground through the gage ground which is why the needles bounce. Check the battery ground, the engine to chasis ground and the instrument panel grounds. Also make sure the alternator case is grounded to the engine. On my GT the alternator is mounted with rubber bushings but has a separate ground strap to the mounting bolts. HTH.

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