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Could there be such a thing as a "factory stock" 1970 GT produced for sale and use in Europe whose engine specs are different from those imported to the US?
Such as, higher compression, bigger valves, etc.
See where I'm trying to go?
It is time to build the engine for Speedway GT, and the rules call for STOCK, but who knows, did Opel build different versions of stock? Is stock in Germany the same as stock in the US??
Yeah, I know, we can go nuts with mixing and switching all kinds of stock parts but the rules forbid using the wrong head on the 1.9 block. Overbore is limited to .040.
All the coolest tricks have been discussed before, thanks Bob, but engine number one is going to be legal, in compliance with the rules (or imaginative interpretations thereof...)
Do you suppose there was such a thing as a limited production 1970 GT with a wicked engine? And if so, is there any proof of its production?
Who knows? I'm dying to hear from him.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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