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Me and a friend were in my 73 Primer gray GT. We were driving on Rt 101W in Bedford NH. The speed limit was 50 and we were driving 50. We were approaching an intersection, the intersection isn't a typical cross. Instead you have a back road that crosses a major road. The backroad has stop signs and the major road has no traffic signals at all. To complicate things the back road crosses it in and offset, about 50 feet I would guess.

A week earlier at this intersection there was a major accident. It was foggy out and a dump truck on 101 hit a school bus full of handicapped kids that were crossing on the backroad.

As I approach the intersection there is a large boom truck in the breakdown lane and he is installing a flashing light at the intersection. In the opposite lane there is oncoming traffic. And I am in my lane doing 50. Right when I get to the intersection, a car on the backroad, on the right side of me, pulls out RIGHT in front of me and STOPS !!!!! She then puts on her left directional to turn left onto the other side of the backroad.

So what you have in front of me, from right to left, is:
1 a Large boom truck in the breakdown lane
2 a car Stopped and turning left in my lane, even with the front of the truck
3 on coming traffic in the opposite lane
And me at 50 mph about 50 feet behind all this.
Oh and I forgot to mention, the guy walking around his truck in the road.

I have no place to go, my friend is grabing on to anything in the car he could for dear life. I cut the wheel HARD to the right and slam on the brakes. The GT goes sideways and slides to a stop without hitting ANYTHING !!!

So now heres what the picture looks like:
1 I am completely sideways in my lane
2 the GT is pointing nose towards the large truck
3 the turning car is out my drivers window and only maybe 3 feet away
4 the oncoming traffic is now passing by to my rear.
5 me and my friend are frozen in a state of temperary shock
6 the guy walking beside his truck is just feet in front of my car and yells "YEAH !!, Thats the way to do it !!"

His yell snapped me out of it and in just a seconds time the car went by behind me. The car, now to my side, turns and drives off. That left just me in the road sideways blocking the traffic that was now coming up 101W behind me (passenger side actually). I jammed it in reverse, backing up and then hit first and started up 101W again. My heart was pounding and my friend was just starting to talk again. When we got back to his place I think he needed a change of underware.

Coincidentally we were talking about how bad that intersection was and about the accident that happened the week before.

That was the fastest I ever stopped a GT
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