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OGTS sells them, and I happened to be "flush" one day and bought one. It was a bit expensive (at $33 USD!), considering it is just a foil-backed fiberglass sheet. You can buy the same stuff from your local home improvement centre (Rona or Home Depot; it's used as garage door insulation and such) and a version (albeit thicker) is widely used as wellhead and piping insulation in the oil patch. It also comes with a plastic "bubble" material inside, but it might not do as well in the heat of the engine compartment. It has been touted as a great low cost sound damper material. Go to "Beyond's" headliner posting at


and his Nova site at


where you can see it being used.

As for the dimensions, it is about 20 inches tall (in the picture; I can't recall what orientation it is installed in) and 17 inches wide. There is a slit near the top right hand vee that must be meant to wrap around something. I don't really have the technology to make a template, but it should be able to be cut to fit. Or maybe you could blow up this picture and use it as a template?



1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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