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Today while motoring home on the interstate I had my first failure not to bad but untill diagnosed had me worried.
The #3 cylinder intake valve rocker arm disintegrated cuasing loss of power and a ungodly rap. When I finallly got the car home and found #3 plug not firing well firing but without any combustion I removed the valve cover and found the culprit. The seat on the rocker arm had completely let go. Luckily I had a replacement and the car was again running in a few hours.
Is this a common failure point in the valve train?
I'm quite sure the valves were adjusted correctly

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The rockers are typically considered the "weak link" in the rotating assembly. The head itself is the next weakest with its propensitiy for warping.

aluminum roller rockers are 8,000 rpm ready, super easy to install and even give a good power bump.
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