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First KC meeting

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we had four in attendence
Chris(Dad ) with sons...Justin & Devin in photo

Dean(AKA Bucky) took the photo...

we talked about getting together in october at a car show

we want to invite other GT ers too.

how about old hippie & the guy from st louis?Maximus?

we had a great time


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We figured on the way home that you should be voted in the first President of our fledgling group.

We need to fill in the time between now and the car show with other, at least monthly, meetings.

Btw, great car Dean. I know my guys really liked it and were impressed with the upgrades you have made. (They still don't know what points are. Maybe, they won't have to.)

It was great to meet with you and hope you made it to work on time.

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Where do you post the meetings? My car isn't licensed but talking Opel stuff is fun. I need a mechanically inclined 5 year old to crawl under the dash and replace the brake light switch (to pass inspection). No room for adults.
the club

good to hear from you.we want to schedule a meeting when everyone can make it.
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