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It Drives!!!!

Well the new jetting is in on the dual 40ies and after reading the GT article on the “Oxcart” in GRM I see what has been done to the Manta suspension in a different light. I realize just how lucky I go when i bought the car that I did. Even though it is not painted yet and I have bugs to catch I would like to thank the 'Opel Godfather" posters here who helped a non mechanic build a running car.

I still get some popping in third gear in middle to low RPM so I am going to go up from the 140 mains a bit.

Took the car for it’s first spirited drive yesterday on the area’s twistiest road along the river Depare. It is nice and curvy but it is 4 lanes wide and not overly used. Still in break in so did not wind the car up to too much. All I can say is that it is a blast to drive and showing my tail lights to a 2002 Z28 who tried to pull along side when we got to the curvy parts was a lot of fun. I am not saying my manta is faster than the z he just choose not to go around the corners like the Manta did.

About three miles up the road he pulled up to me at a red light and asked what kind of car that was?. Later I drove it on the Hwy. It is nice to be in 4th gear and know that I don’t even have to downshift if I want to go as there is good throttle response at 55.

The manta seems to handle very well. The tires that I have the 215 50 13 sumos could be a bit stickier but while almost max inflated they proved … well adequate for the street.

Thinking about autocross, I think there is a race this Saturday I might go up and take the Manta to and watch to see what people do.

Now off to work out the bugs… as I know they will be coming.

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