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where can i find the following parts:

an HEI or other electronic ignition (i like points, but what a pain)
overhaul kit for 1.9 gt engine
overhaul kit for gt 4 speed trans
parking brake cable
headlight parts (rollover parts)
the old, original service manuals

any help would be much appreciated.


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There are two electronic units that I am aware of, Crane and petronixs. There is a link in the product review for the petronics and OGTS sells the crane.

For motor parts each engine needs something different so you buy the parts that yours needs. I haven't seen a generic repair kit for one. OGTS and Unlimited can help you with whatever you need, they are very friendly and knowledgable people.

As far as your tranny goes, most people buy a whole used one in good shape. It is much easier and cheaper. Trannys seem to still be in reasonable supply.

OGTS has a new e brake cable for 66 bucks.

I think your best source for headlight parts would be Opels Unlimited.

There are links to each vendor that I mentioned at the bottom of the page. Good luck and hope this helped.
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