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Brake Bleeding Order

Well, I thought I knew the answer to this, which was to start at the wheel farthest from the master cylinder, and then work towards it. Which I learned in High School Auto Shop class in 1974, so I thought I should look it up, in case things had changed, or (perish the thought) I had muddled up the order in the past 29 years. And bled my brakes incorrectly at least 10 times during that period

But my Chilton's Opel manual says to only do this if all the brakes are "drum" style; otherwise it says to start with the disc brakes first. Hmm, didn't we have dick brakes in 1974? Well, not on my '61 A-H Bugeye Sprite, so at least I didn't screw THAT up.

But the FINAL authority (short of RallyBob) is the official Opel Factory Service Manual. Both of mine ('71 and '72) as well as my Autobooks Opel Manual agree: Bleeding should start at the wheel closest to the MC, and then progress outwards (no matter if it has dual circuits or not). And do only one wheel at a time, ensuring that the MC reservoir never depletes, and filling it after each wheel is bled.

The end.
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