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Floor Drain plugs

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Drain plugs

I just got my "Red" one out of storage and pressured washed the exterior and interior to get the accumulated dust, grime out, and then remembered after the pools of water appeared in the interior, I have no drain holes. All the floorboards were replaced from parts from C&R, (Yes it's been that long). Any idea where to get plugs to go into new holes. I don't want to go with the large plugs if possible. I need some way to drain the water out, esp. behind the seats, so when I hit it with Metal Ready before I paint it with POR-15, I can get the water out. Thanks, Jarrell
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jarrell are there any places that do farm equipment near you :D (only joking )
if you have a word with your local supplier they will have a bin full of plugs and caps for hydraulic pipes and hoses just pick the size you want and drill to fit
i used to make rigid hydraulic pipes for cat and they used to insist that all pipes were plugged and once fitted the plastic caps were junked so they should be free
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