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Finally need to get rid of my endearing, eerily fault-tolerant first car, to be replaced by something devoid of personality but more dependable for travels farther than just around town and environs.

Car is a one-owner dark blue 1968 Model 91 fastback (so-called sport sedan), parked and driven most of its life in Princeton, N.J. Car shows a considerable amount of rust above rain gutters (structural integrity of roof not affected); some rocker panels are badly eaten away as is part of floor (passenger side). Dashboard is in very good shape although clock stopped running a few years ago. Blue vinyl upholstery is in excellent shape except for the driver's seat (split along seam). Has been a dependable workhorse all its life, now needs exhaust work and probably a new clutch.

I've just returned from an extended stay in So. Calif.--not by car--and haven't had a chance to reach the Opel yet let alone start it. (An English neighbor asked to tend my lawn has left the driveway more than ankle deep in ivy.) Car has always snapped to attention after previous long absences but it's 35+ years old now. Photo is a couple of years old; others are available on request as soon as I digitize them. Pay no attention to the smiling but confused-looking man next to the car. He's concerned he won't be able to find a good home for his longtime friend. All humane offers will be entertained. E-mails gladly accepted at [email protected].
--Burton Mitchell

NOTE ADDED: BBS balked at photo upload, supposedly because of its size (but why? It's just 68K.). Until I get around to massaging it down to size, it will be available by e-mail upon request. Photo was uploaded successfully to Members' Photos section under caption "Rust never sleeps." (Remember, this is a mid-Atlantic car, not a California car.
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