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I am selling a few parts via the forum. Typical e-bay type rules apply. Buyer pays actual shipping etc. I trust the Opel forum members to bid w/o the legal BS and conduct business as gentlemen and women.
I invite any input from Gary and/or Tom to see if I am missing any info. Tom has seen the parts and has a better idea of the part condition and value. I trust him to be impartial if he chooses to comment.
This is an auction for the header ONLY. Other parts will follow soon.
The auction will END on October 13th @ 8:00 PM EST.
Pics loaded in gallery under jstock.
Please limit this thread to bids and questions for this specific part - Header.
You can e-mail me at [email protected] with off topic questions about the 2.2 block and Getrag.
The header had heat tape on it when I got it from England from a reputable Opel nut. I took the tape off to check for any soft spots. The header is in very good shape, no soft metal. There was some surface rust which I buzzed off w/ the drummell.
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