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Well... That carb was originally released for production in 1974. I am not certain what car line it was used on however.

The barrels are reversed on that carb from the Solexs and the Webers that are generally used. If you search for "Weber", "Holley", "DFAV" you should find information on the problems and pitfalls with using this particular carb.


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I was doing what your doing back in the early 80's

I was doing what your doing back in the early 80's. I wish the internet had been around back then, it would have been so much easeir. LOL I spent hours pouring through manuals, asking uncooperative parts and dealers, junk yards and such The car I got mine off of was......The 74 pinto! The carb works great, there are a few modification you have to make. Then I fould the "Weber carb" That's when I pulled the pinto carbs and put them on a shelf. Personally I would spring for the Weber.
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Yep, looks like a Holley Weber, which is a knock off by Holley of the Weber "DF" (as in DFM, DFAV, etc) series. Used in the infamous Pinto, but also a few more respected cars ('70 Cortina GT, and I believe the early English Capri 4 cylinder). And as opel_nut has pointed out, the main issue is the carb throats are reversed. Or more importantly, the "rotation" of the butterflies are reversed.

I used a 32 DFM (an aftermarket manual choke Weber) on my GT, and I had a 32/36 DFAV (from the aforementioned Cortina GT) on Myrna's GT, for many trouble-free years. I bought my DFM late one Friday night before a big road trip on Saturday morning, having been told that it was a "bolt up". Several hours (of cursing) later, I figured out the the throttle linkage can be reversed quite easily by rotating the bell crank upside down, but an "off-set" linkage pin had to be fabricated to adjust the linkage to suit the angle of the carb linkage. I just used a piece of brazing rod, replacing the stock steel pin, bent to accommodate the angle needed at the carb. I had promised a photo of the setup to a member a while ago, and I just found the old linkage yesterday, so I will see if I can get that done this weekend.

There has been some discussion (by RallyBob) here that the reversed primary throat (primary is inboard versus outboard on the Weber "DG" series and Solex) can exacerbate a lean condition in the centre cylinders inherent in the Opel CIH intake manifold. But mine ran over 50,000 (hard) miles without a problem, so it is probably as much a jetting issue as anything. Mine always ran a tad rich, but I never bothered re-jetting, since I was getting MUCH better performance than the stock Solex, and 35 mpg to boot.


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Holley 32/36 = "No Go" Weber

(Borrowing someone elses's account here; Do not reply to
"name" on this post)

This setup will function, but a lean condition will overheat
the internal components on your cylinder head.

This carb was sold, as a "kit" by "GT Teils" of Wisconsin,
back in the mid-1980's. The weird aspect of it, was that
they used a linkage that "circumnavigated" the body of
the carb, to get it to rotate in the opposite direction.
GT Teils later went broke, when commissioned GT restorations
(including European body kits from Parsget) weren't
paid for by their owners.

In any case, this carb is NOT recomended for Opel use!!
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