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Let me regale you, with my small tale of woe
On a whim in my GT, to Fort Worth I would go
When evening temperatures, had somewhat relented
As if summer had finally, to my trip consented.

A two hour trip, just there and return
Give my GT its legs, and see what I could learn
At speed in high temps, now that was the test
My clutch fan would work, without any rest.

No problems at all, on the way out
Cruising like this, is what it's about
My turnaround point, I finally reach
Just off Loop 820, on a street named North Beach.

As I begin to exit, and down the ramp go
And begin for my turn, to now start to slow
The belt starts to squeal, the amp light too glows
What is up with that, man? This really blows!

The corner Mobil station, is still brightly lit
The belt squeals some more, as I turn into it
Now stopping my car, the engine also is stopped
With flashlight in hand, the hood is then popped.

In pointing the beam, I feel suddenly worse
I see some green liquid, and silently curse
What is there to do, now that I know the cause
This pump's hard to find, which gives me some pause.

A bit of good fortune, now slow comes my way
A friend lives close by, that is to say
A quick call to ask, if I can leave there my car
Things seem somewhat better, at least so thus far.

I call on my son, to come drive me back
He comes out to get me, without too much flak
I get home quite late, but get on the net
To see what kind of parts, I may be able to get.

All parts I find are, at least four days away
Which is too long for me, I do have to say
To wait until morning's, now my only recourse
To see if I can find it, at some local source.

Next day I called NAPA, and what with some luck
Was told it will be here, this afternoon on a truck
I asked them again then, just want to be sure
That the part number listed, is different from a '74.

I order the part, for that afternoon late
To get it in my hands, for this I can't wait
Then as I swing by, somewhat later that day
I find out it's WRONG, just what can I say!

My only resort now, is not with the chains
But it's now the only, the one that remains
Available from warehouse, the very next day
I go ahead and order, cross fingers and pray.

Next morning they call me, and tell me the news
The warehouse is in Fort Worth, and I must now choose
To wait until Monday, 'cause today's definitely out
This is so frustrating, I just want to shout!

Can I pick it up there? I hesitantly ask
They'll call them and see, if they're up to the task
Then five minutes later, all arrangements are done
I drive to Fort Worth, not really my kind of fun.

The day started off, and appeared very hot
As I'm driving across, it is cloudy and not
On my windshield while driving, a small drizzle appears
The heat of the day's now, the least of my fears.

I pick up the part, it IS the right one
The clouds have remained, the rain, though, is gone
An opportunity's presented, at which I must jump
The weather's just nice enough, to replace that damn pump.

The GT's not too far, away from me here
This pump I'll replace, and then get a beer
I replaced the pump, in a very short time
One hour, forty five, I'm still in my prime!

With my girlfriend's help later, car's returned the next day
All's back to normal now, that's all I can say
So, my fellow Opelers, my tale is now done
But on-road replacement, is STILL not much fun!
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