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My parts car got a nasty ticket on it. Apparently I have a neighbor that doesn't appreciate rusty like I do. Rusty is a 1971 (I think) redish GT - still has most of the drive train and side glass. Some body parts might be usable, but as one friend put it, "I think I'll need a tetanous shot just from looking at it". But anyway, if you can get it within the week, the price is right - FREE, the only stipulation being that it's usable organs be parted out to living or future living Opels before the body is sent to the crusher. I have never heard it run, and I doubt the motor has turned over in at least 15 years, but all the parts are there from what I can tell.

Call me if you're interested, I'm in Evansville, IN
(812) 426-4577 day
(812) 425-7352 evening

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Land of the Free!

Is this America, the Land of the Free, where people give away their property because some "neighbour" doesn't like the look of it?

Hunt that "neighbour" down and expose his pedophiliac tendencies. The neighbourhood would be better off without them.
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