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I will be putting a bunch of rare and regular parts on Ebay this weekend.

Email me if interested in the following before I list them:

Set of Manta Fiberglass fender flares - $250

Set of three horizontal front rubber trim for a 73' Manta (NOS) - $120
(Also fits European Manta Berlinettas 73-75)

One N.O.S. Corner horizontal front rubber trim for 73' Ascona - $50

One N.O.S. Front Center (Between front bumper guards) for 73' Ascona - $50 ($90 for the pair)

One Front turn signal assembly for the (L) 71-72 Manta (Like the other Mantas, except has chrome trim around the edges of the orange lense) - $40

One NOS Black/White sunvisor for Ascona/Manta - $30

73' Opel GT Center switch package (The type with a dummy where the fog lamp is normally) this is the section with the brake rocker "check" switch and "fasten seat belt" one it. - $35

Ascona front windshield (Used), with chrome strip and gasket (Used in nearly new condition) - $150

I will also be putting some extra steelmetal parts I have as well ( A-pillar, inner rear fender areas, etc..), along with some used ascona and manta parts I don't need.

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