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Fuel drip in barrel.

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help, my 38 dgas is rinning very rich. as i look into the carb i see the passenger side barrel dripping fuel. i tried to do a baseline adjustment per weber and now the whole thing seems F'd up.

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Is the float level set correctly?
Also check the needle valve and seat. There may be something keeping it from closing when the fuel bowl is full.
yesterday i replaced the powervalve thinking that might help. but no.
If the float level is not set correctly or something (dirt,rust,or other crap) is keeping the float needle valve from closing when the float rises, fuel will continue to flow into the carb and run out into the intake.
Did this condition just start or has it been ongoing? Also, do a site search. There are a couple of threads about jetting and changing the 38 DGAS emulsion tubes to size F-66.
this just started today when i tryed to recalibrate the carb. i hav already rejet the carb to 150 and F66 e tubes. i drove to work and it was still burning rich, but idled ok. now when i set everything to base line, it idles at 1800
It's your Weber - its no good - send it to me and I'll send you a nice Solex. Naw, just kidding.


You're most likely culprit is the float adjustment or clogged needle valve like Gary suggests.

But, just curious, have you recently installed an aftermarket electric fuel pump?

And, what changes or repairs have you made to the car just prior to your carb beginning to drip?

Does the primary continue to drip after you shut the engine off? and for how long?

Do you still have the heat shield on the manifold?

We've just had some record temps in Northern California, Is your tank too full, with the car sitting out in the sun?

Just for fun, when you notice that primary dripping, open up your secondary butterfly and see if the other barrel is dripping as well.
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I agree with Gary's float comment. Apiece of dirt, gasket material, anything could hang up the needle seat. If that's not it, then you could be pulling gas from the bowl from intake vacume due to a gasket breakdown.
My 2c's
Low Pressure

Webers MUST have a fuel pressure in the 2 1/2 to 3 1/2 PSI range as anything above 5 psi will cause higher fuel bowl levels due to the float being overcome with the pressure and the fuel continuing to seep into the bowl past the seat.

If the needle is not being held open by debris of some sort or a lump of gasket etc. then check fuel pressure.
my recient work has been a Crane 700 ignition and that was when I noticed it running bad. i am running fuel pres at 4 lbs which will be down to 3 lbs tomorrow. i will chack your other ideas too. i was very care full when i replaced the power valve to keep things clean, but you never know.

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