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Fuel Line Replacement from Pump to Carb

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I need to replace the Fuel Line from the Fuel Pump to the carb... a PO routed it OVER the valve cover. I have Vapor Lock problems ALL THE TIME. Also going to replace the Metal can filter with a plastic one.

Question: When I remove the fuel line from the exit of the Fuel Pump, will the gas drain from the tank? I am assuming not...

Thanks, Mark
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rockytopmark said:
When I removed the line from the Fuel Pump outlet, gas just gushed out, like no tomorrow. Would this indicate a problem in my Fuel Pump? It is the stock mechanical one. I was assuming from the prior post that minimal gas would flow from the outlet.
Please advise.... thnx.... Mark
The fuel pump is lower than the gas tank, so it WILL just flow and flow and flow...
I think Otto was suggesting that as soon as you remove the line, have a piece of rubber hose with one end plugged ready to slip over the pump outlet nozzle. Or, just take a pair of vice grips and GENTLY squeeze the rubber line at the pump inlet flat, and that will block the flow as well.
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