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Fuel Line Replacement from Pump to Carb

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I need to replace the Fuel Line from the Fuel Pump to the carb... a PO routed it OVER the valve cover. I have Vapor Lock problems ALL THE TIME. Also going to replace the Metal can filter with a plastic one.

Question: When I remove the fuel line from the exit of the Fuel Pump, will the gas drain from the tank? I am assuming not...

Thanks, Mark
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Just gushing out

When I removed the line from the Fuel Pump outlet, gas just gushed out, like no tomorrow. Would this indicate a problem in my Fuel Pump? It is the stock mechanical one. I was assuming from the prior post that minimal gas would flow from the outlet.

Please advise.... thnx.... Mark
OK. Well, since I had to replace the entire line from the pump outlet all the way to the carb, I guess what happened was supposed to. I got a length of line on pretty quick that had a plug already fixed in it, but there sure was a lot of gas spilled during that time.

Well with that and a Pertronix installed today, not a bad day.

Thanks, Mark
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