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Is there anyone on this forum who know's fuelcat?
It's an catalysator for those who drive on unleaded fuel.
I was wondering if this thing works, and what the experiences are.
For more info, look here


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If I remember correctly, this has been discussed here before. There was a brief debate, with most not "buying into it". Personally I don't see the device as being able to deliver as promised.

There is some suggestion that the catalyst may have been put into the refuelling bowsers, rather than in devices fitted to the aircraft themselves. The catalytic action apparently breaks up the long chain molecules of the less volatile elements in petrol, improving combustion efficiency and discouraging detonation. In effect it reproduces the benefit of a high aromatic content.

If anyone needs proof that it works, they need look no farther than those hard-pressed Merlins in Russia!

I find the chemistry, as stated above, to be a little hard to agree with. I also prefer more evidence than a vague reference to a wartime experiment from 60 years ago.

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In my opinion, as an A & P mech, if that stuff was any good private pilots would be putting it on their own aircraft and there would be an FAA approval certificate for it. I've never heard of, or seen a certificate approving it.


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Have a 1973 P6B Rover with a 10.5:1 CR engine - should use 100+ RON fuel but only 97 RON unleaded available now (other than AV. Gas!). It always 'pinked' under hard acceleration.
Bought a parts car which had a 'FuelStar' tin based catelizor in the fuel line so swapped it in when the fuel line needed replacement.
100km later - NO PINGING! Even went back to 6 degrees of initial advance from the zero I had to run before.
Then changed to 91 RON fuel - NO PINGING!!
Either it works or has HUGE phsycic powers and makes me think it works.......!
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