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All those in range of Jawja;
Here's an event that we can really fit in. The Snellville "Orphan Car Show". In the past, I have been the one to represent the Opel marque (except for one member from SC and one that deserted the South for the North, eh, Dr. K? ;) ) Anyway, this show is not so much about how nice one's car is, but, how DIFFERENT or rather bringing back memories of cars no longer available to us. My Opels are in NO WAY anywhere close to show-quality, but, the years I was there, I probably had far more people come and talk to me about Opels, in general, that any of the marques that are there. This would be an excellent oppertunity for the GA Opelers to make a great showing. I still would like to get together before this, but, this would definitely something to shoot for. There's also a HUGE craft fair, food, stuff for the kids and general good time to be had at this. I have attached the e-mail that was sent to me by the director of the event. Rick is a great guy and I know a couple members of the Studebaker club, as they are my neighbors! They're great people and a great time to be had at this event. What do y'all think? Ging, Rick, Sharon, Thom, Doug, Dieter, etc?

Hello All,
Hope you are still interested in having an Orphan Show this year. Snellville Days Festival has invited us back on May 7th, 2005 with the rain date on May 8th (Mother's Day). The rain date should not be a tough sell, considering all the stuff for Mom to do inside the festival.
I have sent out flyers to the long lead time publications like Collectible Automobile, Hemmings, etc. and national offices of many orphan car clubs. I need to send out flyers to local chapters of orphan clubs and they'll be going out soon.
I want to make this the best year of the Orphan Show ever, so let's get started now. Right now, we need seed money. I will call our old sponsors this week for some cash and would like to know of new sponsors - please take the initiative of first contact. Rates: $250 gets a full page ad in the booklet, logo on the t-shirt, a large sign next to the registration desk thanking the sponsors and logo on the back of the ballot. $150 for half page ad, $85 for quarter page, $50 for business card (1/8th page).
Prices are subject to change depending on what we decide we want to do at our first meeting. I would like to meet with all interested parties sometime in January, like the 22nd, 23rd, 29th or 30th. Does anyone have a place to meet? A large dining room might be best.
I would like to hear from each one of you as soon as possible. I assumed I can count on the Studebaker, Packard, AMC and Fiat clubs as I have in the past. I know the Packard Club and the Studebaker Club have approved participation this year, but I would like to hear a yay or nay from FLU and AMC. If you are not in one of those 4 clubs and want to get your club involved, contact me RIGHT AWAY so I can add your club to the flyer.
Things to mull over: raffle, door prizes, parking, registration, trophies, sponsors, electricity, laptop, walkie-talkies, getting some real unique vehicles out, something real special to do at this year's show (live music, dj, guest speaker, fashion show, etc.).
I await your input, I really don't want to do it all myself or with just 2 or 3 people. I'd like a core of at least 10 committee chairs.
If someone needs to be contacted that is not on my e-mail list, please let me know.
Rick Kamen
[email protected]
404.314.8910 cell
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Sounds good to me! BTW all, Oliver and I went up to NC and picked up the Manta Rallye on Saturday. Dewayne and Ellen were delightful! The car's interior is the worst, looks like it could have been home to some little animals. But all glass is good, bumpers, lights, etc. The hood is way too rusted to save, but the rest is surface rust. I'll get up pics when I can. This might or might not make it to Snellville, but we'll bring something!


Well as you know I am the SC member that has been there. Let me tell you all that it is a great show! I hope to be there again. I have a new job and now I am free on weekends and no on-call to deal with. Keep us posted.

Ken :D
Heya Gene,
By that time I should have the GT in tip-top condition so I'll be doing my best to get there. It sounds like a good time and like you I'd love to get a lot of us there.
Here's to the orphans!
I have it penciled in. May 7th.

I have some good news also, I was able to get my restore project to crake also (like Ging). Mine is a long way off to get on the street, I just wanted to find out how good the engine was so over Christmas, my Dad and I were able to bypast the critter chewed wiring and hot wired the starter and the coil. It fired up. We used some either also to get started (we only ran it for about 20 sec). We found out that the fuel pump was leaking like a sieve so that was the end of that. I was able to find one at NAPA (mech fuel pump) and pick it up last Friday.

I will try to put the fuel pump on this week (I do not think so, but I will try) and see if I can get it to run longer (I will not do that until I flush the radiator and the oil tho).

It appears that the eng is from a Manta or some other Opel not a GT. I will try keep you folks up to date.

(Yes, I did find the gas caps that I talked about a month ago in the chat room, photo to come soon - tonight)


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Congratulations Rick! That must have been great. Did you faint? :D
(I'm thinking of a recreation photo of the moment after mine cranked - me flat on my back beside the open driver's door in a dead faint.)
No matter where we are with our repairs/restorations at the time of the show we'll eventually have to get together with all of our 'running' cars. What a sight that will be. Cheesy grins galore. :D
Gene, Sounds like fun. I'm penciling it in for us also. Great to hear "show quality" doesn't matter. I'm a LONG way from that. In fact hopefully this week if the auto mover can get out to my old home in CA despite the weather I may have my GT here next week! I kind of miss it even though it's only been two months here without it. I sure could use the size and maneuverability here as I "adjust" to the GA way of driving. Hummmmm, come to think of it, need to get that horn working on the GT.
Here in Atlanta, we don't use horns, you just yell, amongst other things :rolleyes:
Heh Heh,
I'm OK with that. Or maybe I need that favorite bumper sticker of mine, "Horn broken, watch for finger".
Hey Gene ...

I'll be at Road Atlanta May 5 (my daughter gave me a "lapping" day for Christmas) and a car show sounds like a good reason to stay over a couple days and see some of those Jawja Opels.

Come on down the road just a hoot n holler, and you'll be in Snellville! Seriously Road Atlanta is only about a little over an hour away from Snellville, straight down I-85 to the Sugarloaf Parkway, then over to Hwy 124 and out Lenora Church road and you're there. Briscoe Park Soccer field. Give me a buzz if you decide to stay (404-797-2759 M & 678-344-7579 H)
Ok All GA Opelers;
How about a meet in March? Feb is pretty much shot. If not, then there's still the "Orphan Car Show" (May 7th) in Snellville where Opels are welcome to come. I'd like to get as many as we can. But, if y'all want to get together at my place (centrally located) then check y'alls calanders for March.

OK How about the third weekend in March???I am Game!!! :D
GA meet

I'm good for anytime in March. As you all know, recently moved here so don't have much in the way of any conflicting plans at any time. Actually NEED things to do and places to go! Already took the better half out to Stone Mt. Saturday after a trip to the Varsity down by work. Already have become a somewhat card carrying member of the South. (Got the GA license two weeks ago). Have the Sebring and the Ranger tagged/plated, but not yet the GT. In any case, sounds like fun, and count us in.

Your place sounds great!! The first weekend is out for me, road trip to Frostproof, Florida to Mom and Dad's. The second weekend looks better, I have an activity on saturday night with my son's cub scouts, the third and fourth I have something but I think I have time on Saturday free but let me check with the schedule (wife!!).

When I went to your place it only took about 45 min so it was not to bad to get to (as long as it is saturday afternoon).

I am open to other locations. Who knows I may be able to bring up my Dad's GT to look at. I will not be able to go to PA this year (the following weekend we start our week vacation, must get ready, or I will not have a happy vacation)!
Looks like the 3rd weekend in March is getting the nod. Is that cool so far? Sharon, Ging (and Mr Ging aka Dan) Dieter? How about y'all?

As long as I can make it, anytime and place is fine for me. I can not plan more than a few days ahead, because of a ****load of work here at the company --> I'll watch for date and time, and either I'll be there or not ... (makes sense...???)

Dieter (the busy one)

i will plan to attend the car show in may
and may try to meet earlier ,just work out the
date . i'm in duluth area
Third weekend get-together

I'm game! The third weekend would be great as the previous weekend would be a 'have visitors' situation. (Not that Dad wouldn't enjoy it thoroughly - particularly seeing that Studebaker next to you Gene!) Now that Dan is located in town these days we could hopefully have no work conflicts. Maybe we could all come bearing gifts of the picnic style and have a feast and fest at the same time. Let's see if we can pin this down and make it happen - I think it would be a blast!
Tell your Dad, there's actually 6 Studes, one of them is a pickup!
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