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Hi All GA Opelers!!!
Now we have our own forum area!!!
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roosterrusek said:
On that note, any suggestions on good shocks to add? The Koni Reds are a little too much for me as I do not plan on adjusting them all of the time. The KYB's on OGTS look cool, but just thought I would throw it out there.

Off Topic, but I have the KYBs on mine and they are good shocks, you "feel" every bump in the road and they hold very well. Next one though I'm going to use the Koni Reds. JM2CW, Jarrell
I'll even put that date on my calender. Who knows I may even be here then. I've spent every other week in Milledgeville since early March and it looks like things won't change till neat the end of the year.

Currently stuck in Milledgeville, GA......
I'm in!
I will go anywhere there is a gathering of Opels.
New to this is this the nearest group to Bama?
i think so free bird
good people too :D
where in bama are you ?
JA!! Flashback is going to be the ones that shoot my car. Richard (The owner) is curious about Opels and I think he would get a kick out of seeing so many at one time.

Ill make it.

ooooooh. Wait a sec. Second weekend in Sept?!?! Can't. Thats my daughters 3rd B-day party. But... Im only 10 minutes from flashback. Ill be having a cookout and a moonwalk if anyone wants to come by and jump up and down a little while.
I think we were talking about November 12th. Do you think you can talk to Richard at Flashback and see if his place is available for the 12th of November? From what I have seen of his place it has a great set up for a get together and he may want to see what some of have done to the GT and Sportswagon, Manta, and the Kadet!!
November is when Gary will be here in Atlanta for a visit, so, if at all possible, maybe we can get this worked out.
Chattanooga question

I am a new Opel GT owner. OK for a Tennessee novice to show up? I don't have much to contribute, but do have A LOT :eek: to learn.

I figure you guys can prevent me from trying to reinvent the wheel (Opel GT or otherwise :eek: !!)


You are more than welcome to come on down!! Some of us are still dreaming of getting the GT to run, so if you like you are more than welcome to come down!!
OK, so September 10th and November 12th? Just tell me where, and me, Oliver and the Rallye (at least) will try to be there!

my gt might actually be running on the 12th of NOV...........
The Sept 10th meeting is the one that I will not be able to attend. I am heading back up to Philly (hometown) to see some friends.

But anytime in November should be great. The good news is that unless something does not fly right, I should have my 71' GT all done with the exception of the interior. And that might even be done if I am really motivated.

The car is at MVP/Atlanta Corvette right now having the front mounted intercooler all done. After that it should be precious few things before I can do the body and paint.

Just let me know if we get a definite date in November and I will be there.

Both dates have been put on my calendar. Just need time & place :D
John Lewis
Sept 10th could be something simple like meeting for lunch/dinner and just generally shooting the breeze/bench race. Nov 12 is when Gary comes to town and it would be cool to meet at "Flashback" to show the cars and really get into Opel talk, and have a cookout/diner type of affair, does this sound good, possible?
Awsome, I will have my GT ready by then, only 4 hours to the north, I'm there.
Sounds good to me , need directions . time & etc. :D
Thom will have to supply directions to "Flashback", but, as to the Sept 10, we'll have to decide on a place. Pappadeaux is a place that comes to mind. There's two here in Atlanta, one at 285 and 75, the other is just above 285 and 85. But, whatever we decide on is good with me, I can always find me something to eat whereever I go :D :D
Ive been slackin. Ill call Richard at Flashback this week and ask about the Nov 12th date. Again, I can't make the 10th date because Im having a b-day party for my daughter.

What should I tell Richard about the 12th? How many people how many cars, etc...??
I will not have a Opel to drive to the get together, however I can drive someones extra's Opel up to the get together at Flashback!!
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