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Hi All GA Opelers!!!
Now we have our own forum area!!!
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Is he normally open on Saturday? If not, would he mind opening up just for us?
Just to bump this back up front, who's up for an "adult night out" away from the ankle biters? Sept 10? Just to go to dinner and chit-chat?
Count me in ,just need time & place :D
John Lewis
Let me check with the better half. It sounds like fun!!
Bumping this back up front again for those just getting back into the swing of things. The GA Opelers would like all who can, to come for an "adults night out" on Saturday Sept 10th. Nothing fancy, just good eats and chit-chat. So far, I'm in, John Lewis is in, Rick is still checking with the batter half. Sharon has just gotten word, so she hasn't decided. Dieter? Thom? Paulie?, Dallas? Brian? Anyone who can come and also, let's have an ideas for where. I always like to suggest Pappadeaux.
No go for next Saturday. :( We have things to due with kids and if we do not do that we will be off to your neck of the woods for the Yellow Daisy Fest at Stone Mount. Sorry folks.
I'd love to make it but we are having my Daughter's 3'rd Birthday party that evening. So, I'm afraid I am out. You all have fun.

So far, we have John, Oliver and Sharon, as well as myself and the wife. Any others?
Hi Gene , Well my plans have changed ,our motorcycle group is having a
charity ride sat. and I not be able to attend :( the opel meeting .
J Lewis
Just a side note.

I'll be entering my 5th Stone Mountain Chili cookoff this year. I've placed as high as 25th out of 320 in the chili comp and I got 3rd place last year in the Brunswick Stew competition.

Come on out and have a bowl. Sat Oct 1st Stone Mountain Park.

How about we try for an alternate day, unless there are others coming who haven't responded yet. I have to drive up to Greensboro on Saturday with a dog rescue, and will have to haul a$$ to get back in time anyway -- though that was the plan!

Can't do it the following weekend, we're going to Myrtle Beach, and I'm going to Minnesota the weekend of Oct. 1-2.

Ok, Saturday is out then, we'll try for another time. :)
Chilly in Stone Mountain

Chilly Cook-Off - sounds good. I planned to attend when I first heard about it, but now, on this weekend, I will have visitors from Germany. If they care to join me, I will enter the competition. Thom - can you please send me some details about the cook-off by email or PM? I'd like to know about
- registration?
- do I have to cook the chilly in the park or can I bring it?
- appr. time from - to?

You'll have to come almost to my house to get to Stone Mountain Park. You have to pass it to get to Snellville.
Did you have an alternate date in mind or could we try for one of the next couple of weekends? Dan has had to take a job on the road for a while so he may or may not be able to make it but I should be able to.
Except Oct 1st! Must try to get to the cookoff!
I'm open for suggestions....throw a date out here and we'll see if it sticks or not :D

I just flew in to and will be in Seneca, SC for the next couple of days, too bad we can't get something set-up for Fri morning on almost no notice.

Oh well, we'll see how the interview goes tomorrow. I may just be moving in anyway.
I hope all goes well with the interview. Would love to have you out in this neck of the woods, if not for your friendship, then your mechanical abilities (Opels don't hurt either :rolleyes: ) Good Luck!!
Oldopelguy, wish I'd known ahead of time! Have a sister in Barnwell S.C. and you know there's a member in Edgefield don't you? If you give us a little more warning next time I'm betting some of us could get to a meeting point to say hi. (Of course, it may be that you had no warning yourself ;)). Good luck with the interview!
proposed meet

what about on Oct. 1st in Stone Mountain at the Chilly Cook-Off?
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